The International Society for Testate Amoeba Research (ISTAR) is an organization dedicated to research on testate amoebae, a group of single-celled, shell-producing, protists. The primary objective of this collaborative blog is to highlight the diversity of research on these organisms, including their evolution, taxonomy, biology, ecology, paleoecology, and their use as environmental indicators.  Blog posts will include reviews and highlights from the literature, summaries of ongoing research projects, descriptions and announcements of events, and other testate amoeba-related activites.

Anyone from the research community is welcome to submit a post, and the list of regular contributors will likely continually change.  If you wish to submit something for the blog, please contact Bob Booth (rkb205@lehigh.edu).

Views expressed on these pages are not necessarily endorsed by ISTAR, and only reflect the opinion of the author(s) of the particular post.

Testate amoeba artwork on the header is used with permission of the artist, Blake Ketchum.

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